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Game Flow


The heroine will have about a month, starting from August 1st, to regain her memories. She will investigate her past and her surrounding relationships, as well as attempt to interact with the man who is supposedly her boyfriend.


Your Cell Phone

In this situation, where you don't remember your relationships, your cell phone is an important source of information.
There will be times when you will need to decide what course of action you will take in response to contents of a text from your boyfriend.


Choose Wisely!

Until she regains her memories, the heroine's choices will become her main way of asserting herself.
Try to choose the best option by predicting the person's response and your relationship up to this point.


Individual Parameters

In the game, there are 3 parameters that will increase or decrease depending on the heroine's choices.

The 3 parameters are listed below. (You'll find one route, however, has a special 4th parameter...)


The basic content are as follows: *For a certain route, the content itself may change...?


The amount of affection the heroine has for the current target. It could also be considered the heroine's strength of love.
The higher this number is, the better the possibility of reaching a Good Ending.


When the heroine's relationship with her target gets better, this parameter goes up. When it gets worse, it goes down.
This parameter represents a non-romantic gauge of how favorable the relationship is.


This amount rises every time the target suspects the heroine has lost her memory.
The higher this parameter is, the more possible it is that you will achieve a Bad Ending.

Still Touch images

If you fulfill certain requirements, a rose icon will be displayed on the upper-right side of picture thumbnails within the Gallery.
If you touch pictures that have a rose icon, depending on the touched area, voice clips will play that give the effect of having physical contact. Feelings that previously couldn't be shared will be expressed, bringing the two of you closer together.


Mini Games [Rock-Paper-Scissors] [Air Hockey]

Explore mini-games where you can use touch controls to play against each character.
If you win against three out of the five characters, a special still image will be unlocked.


*All images under development

title-system (1).png

About the World Setting

At the beginning of the game, each possible romantic interest has his own distinct world. Because of this, you can enjoy separate routes immediately from the start.

Each love interest's background will vary slightly based on the route you choose, but their personality will remain consistent across all worlds.
For example, in his route Shin is a childhood friend, but in Ikki's route he's merely your co-worker.

Enjoy experiencing the different relationships and backgrounds of your favorite characters throughout the different worlds.

Before losing her memories, what kind of life did the heroine lead, and with which character...? Can she trust the people who appear before her...?
Your progression through the mysteries of each story are completely different for each route.

Because of her memory loss, the heroine has no memories of her boyfriend.
As the story progresses, you will come to know more about his personality, your surrounding relationships, and develop a new romance.

We hope you enjoy your various forms of romance.

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Orion will act as reliable support, sometimes lending advice and chiming in with witty commentary.

He may be trapped within the heroine's mind, but he possesses some convenient spirit traits, such as the ability to freely cut off his feeling of sensation, or being able to hear her thoughts.

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